UX DesignAsset allocation app & web design increases usage

  • 307.5% increase in mobile app page visits, and 730% increase in client site page visits, compared to the six-month period before the update.
  • Design for client site and mobile apps praised and usable by team that designed related tools for advisors.
Problem definition

Redesign and expand functionality of section displaying the asset allocation of a client's portfolio for client site as well as mobile iOS and Android apps, including

  • Initial screen displaying the portfolio's asset allocation
  • Deeper-level individual asset class screen with relevant portfolio holdings
  • Account filter
  • Color system
iOS app screen showing account filter, allocation pie chart and cash and cash investment rows
iOS app screen showing holdings for cash investments
iOS app screen showing account filter


Wireframe with annotations on left and asset allocation android app design on right

Wireframes for offshore development and QA teams required more detailed explanations to prevent questions that could slow the work.

Color system

Document with colors for each allocation category and sub-category and related information

Managed needs of the brand team and external team that owned the advisor allocation interface. Reviewed colors and contrast, including leveraging the Coblis - color blindness simulator to make the most of required brand colors.


melanie at melanieclarke dot com