You have an idea, an event, a product, a service. Let me design, test and evaluate solutions and communications to spread the word.


Some people just can’t stop thinking. From the top of my head to designing an idea-generation process, the possible solutions are endless.


Strategy is only as good as its execution. Put my forethought, organization skills and implementation experience to use on your project.


  • Print and promotional products
    Brochures, posters, ads, invitations, large publications, newsletters, banners, signage, exhibits, T-shirts, buttons and more
  • Electronic
    Web and social media sites, online ads, html e-mail and more, incorporating the following tools when needed: information architecture (IA), wireframes, user interface design (UI), html/css, frameworks, content management systems (CMS), usability (UX), user testing and user acceptance testing

Marketing Communications

  • Evaluation
    Communications effectiveness, production cost savings and visual consistency evaluation, Google Analytics, goal-setting, metric analysis
  • Branding
    From the development of individual logos to the implementation of identity systems for multi-faceted organizations with complex brand portfolios
  • Communication resources
    Instructions, documentation, templates, graphic standards guides, online resource libraries

Project management

  • Instruction
    Design, design software, graphic standards and staying on brand for communicators of all levels
  • Organization and file archiving
  • Partnering
    Coordinating outside resources (e.g. programmers, SEO professionals and vendors) to maximize outcomes