Qualitative researchWhat produce managers need to order digitally

  • Identified what needed to be built, preventing proposed expenditures on unwanted features.
  • Discovered opportunities to improve fulfillment and reduce customer support hours significantly.
Problem definition
  • Grocery wholesaler wanted to transition customers to ordering produce online versus from a paper catalog.
  • Sole researcher for short user research engagement to determine on which size of device a new app should be created. (Delivered much more.)

Qualitative generative and evaluative user research

Scheduled internal knowledge sharing and input sessions.

Created a research plan with key stakeholders with the more refined goals of

  • Uncovering how customers approach ordering produce to determine how an app can add value
  • Validating online ordering functionality used by other departments
  • Validating stakeholder-generated ideas from a workshop with an outside vendor

Orchestrated all parts of user research logistics including

  • Development of a data-heavy Figma prototype using existing app conventions
  • Identification, recruitment and scheduling of customer participants by networking with internal sales staff

Performed customer interviews, usability testing and subject matter expert interviews including observation within the grocery store cooler and produce section.

  • Learned how produce owners approach inventory and ordering to replenish their departments; including needs for the physical space, the digital catalog structure, product data, and device requirements.
  • Uncovered data, functionality and hardware needs for the ordering app.
  • Determined what individuals needed to move from paper to digital ordering without additional time.
  • Identified how users felt about the move to ordering digitally.

Key findings

  • A critical data gap that could almost completely free up customer service roles and improve fulfillment, if not garner a larger percentage of business from competitors.
  • Previously unknown users that order produce once a week, to the chagrin of produce managers.


Note: Content in report has been omitted or replaced with Lorem Ipsum to hide proprietary information.

Six PowerPoint presentation slides of a research report at angles with obscured text

Presentation of a detailed report (to allow for discussion), including

  • Actionable recommendations
  • Executive summary
  • Detailed results presented quantitatively with quotes
  • Produce manager persona

Video clips of user research participants compiled by key topics.

Invited to present results again to UX staff company-wide.

Introduced staff UX designer to internal sales colleagues who can identify real users for future research.


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