UX audit and UX strategy sells redesign

  • UX strategy deck prompted leaders to approve a website redesign.
  • Many recommendations were adopted in final website design.
Problem definition
  • Volunteer 40 hours to one of my favorite non-profit organizations to perform UX analysis on five linked, and sometimes redundant, websites. 
  • Identify immediate user experience opportunities and investigate need for a greater site redesign to aid sole marketing staff member. 
  • Present findings and recommendations to select organization staff members and design agency representative.

Strategy deck

Powerpoint with three slides for

Discovery including Google Analytics deep dive

Customized Google analytics and created dashboards to

  • Determine patterns of usage including time of year and most common devices
  • Measure section usage as one way to evaluate information architecture
  • Identify and track conversion points


  1. Design mobile-first
  2. Simplify information architecture

Information architecture (IA)


Based off of

  • Participant mental model
  • Mission of organization
  • Simplification of choices (Hick's Law)
Powerpoint with content themes and proposed information architecture for

Original navigation

Screenshot of original nav in early 2019

Updated navigation (by agency)

Agency used the proposed IA categories, but with updated titles

Screenshot of final nav on March 2020

UX recommendations

Identify opportunities to improve usability of site.


  1. Perform additional user research
  2. Implement UX best practices
Powerpoint with design and mobile user experience best practices for

Original mobile view

Navigation takes up the whole screen and makes it impossible to tell what page one is on.

Screenshot of original homepage on mobile phone on March 2020

Updated mobile view (by agency)

Navigation collapsed into menu, revealing page content.

Screenshot of final homepage on mobile phone on March 2020


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